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Work continuously to be successful

This article was inspired by a homeless man that I found last night sitting on a bench.

It was a gorgeous night and perfect for a stroll through town. This homeless man was sitting on the bench and offered to sell me a flute that he had made. At first I brushed it off my shoulder as nothing, but slowly realized that despite being homeless, and having obvious mental problems, he was working to advance himself. He wasn’t out there begging for change like many homeless people were. He had created something and was trying to sell his creation taking the opportunity to be more successful. The point is that even when it seems like there is no more work left to do, there is always something you can do to advance yourself or your business. When no more work seems to be available, I check Craigslist listings for new web development jobs. 1 in 100 of those actually pays off, but there is an infinite number of them and if there is no more work to be done, it will pay off. Send emails to prospective clients, check statistics, do research – any small thing that may be required or may help you along. Make a list! Work continuously to be successful.